Welcome to Konocti School of Driving

Olympian Steve Hamann, the owner, operator, and instructor for Konocti School of Driving, has over 35 years experience teaching teenagers both driver education and driver training. Steve is the only instructor in Lake County with a California Teaching Credential in Driver Education and Driver Training (San Jose State University), with 12 Semester units of training from the best driving teachers in the state. He has the strongest background, for your teen, of any driving instructor in Lake County.

Steve has logged thousands of hours, teaching both classroom driver education and in-car driver training. He has very specific lesson plans traveling over the same driving Lake County routes several thousand times, practicing skills that teenagers need, and not, as other schools, taking students on roads unfamiliar to the instructor. Steve does not “just drive straight” and he does not “stop for coffee”. He is very focused on helping the teen driver becoming the safest new driver on our roads. There are no “surprises” on the road with Konocti School of Driving.

With Konocti School of Driving, students will not only learn and understand the skills necessary to pass the driving test from the most qualified instructor in Lake County. They will also learn from a professional educator, the skills necessary to be a successful driver for life!

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